Drimsim is a sim card that helps you make international calls and use mobile internet around the world without roaming. Take it with you on a travel!

this SIM card is for travel without roaming. It works in 197 countries around the world and helps you stay in touch with your friends wherever you are. No huge roaming fees, no limited data packages, no local sim cards, no hidden commissions, no ties to a cellular operator. Only international calls and mobile internet without roaming.

Drimsim fits your phone, tablet or even mobile WiFi-hotspot. Drimsim is a post-paid sim-card, so there are no data packages you have to pay for in advance — we charge per kilobyte and per minute after you’ve made the call or used some data. Still, our app shows you how much it’s gonna cost even before you’ve started.

Drimsim app also helps you easily manage expenses and top-up your balance when you travel. Try it for free in demo mode. Once you’re ready, you can order yourself a sim card in a couple of taps and forget about roaming forever.


– one single sim card for international calls and mobile internet without roaming

– data and calls almost as cheap as offered by many local cellular operators

– top-up your balance via VISA, MC, AMex or set up an auto payment

– no annual payments, no hidden fees, no data limits


-Higher Call rates and Data rates in few countries where data and call rates are cheap.(eg:India)

it will take 1-2 hour to register on a country while traveling in Europe by road

Let’s travel with cheap international calls and mobile internet. Let’s travel with Drimsim!