What to know about coronavirus (COVID-19) and travel

We’re regularly maintaining this web page up-to-date relating to the present outbreak of coronavirus disease, also referred to as COVID-19. So whether or not you want it now, or in the near future, it could be value a bookmark. Coronavirus updates Data is altering every single day which may make it hard to maintain up […]

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International road trip tips: 7 things to know before leasing a vehicle abroad

International road trip tips : What’s better than cruising not far off, windows open, tuning in to your preferred playlist? Doing all that… in the midst of a get-away. Regardless of whether you’re venturing out from France to Germany, across US, or through the Irish open country, leasing a car can make your universal outing […]

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DRIM SIM – International SIM card

Drimsim is a sim card that helps you make international calls and use mobile internet around the world without roaming. Take it with you on a travel! this SIM card is for travel without roaming. It works in 197 countries around the world and helps you stay in touch with your friends wherever you are. […]

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